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Re : Sam Kernel Error

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Re : Sam Kernel Error

Hi Guys,
Can I find out if anyone of you have seen this error message below.

Unexpected Exit : process LANG=C LC_ALL=C /usr/sbin/kcweb -F > /dev/null exited with a non-zero exit status

ERROR : attempt to start /opt/hpms/apache/bin/httpd failed

I got this error when I am in sam once I double click on kcweb (Kernel configuration )

My system is RX2620 loaded with HPUX 11.23 Itanium server. Please advice???

nothing is better than to know more
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Re: Re : Sam Kernel Error

The web tool version of sam is pretty new. I would check for sam patches and apache patches. Also look at /opt/hpms/apache/bin/httpd and see if you have a apache configuration problem.
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Re: Re : Sam Kernel Error

Try running

/usr/sbin/kcweb -F

without the redirect to /dev/null and see if you get any more meaningful error messages.
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Re: Re : Sam Kernel Error

many years of HPUX has taught me not to use SAM, if you must, then check regularly for patches.

If in doubt how something gets stopped or started you can always look through the boot scripts in /sbin/init.d. Look at what is executed during the boot and that will be the way to start it manually.