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Re install HP-UX 11iv1 from DVD

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Re install HP-UX 11iv1 from DVD


I try to install an HP-UX 11iv1 (from September 2006 Media Kit) on a HP-UX 3410.

It doesn'y works because the install menu is AUTOMATICALLY skiped ! Therefore, I can not access the classic installation menu.

How can I fix this ?

This is log from serial port after choosing DVD ROM for booting device :

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > BO P0
Interact with IPL (Y, N, or Cancel)?> N

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) revision 1

HARD Booted.

ISL Revision A.00.43 Apr 12, 2000

ISL booting hpux (;0):INSTALL

: disk(0/0/2/;0):WINSTALL
12005376 + 2187352 + 2631504 start 0x201568

alloc_pdc_pages: Relocating PDC from 0xfffffff0f0c00000 to 0x3f900000.
ate64: sysvec_vaddr = 0xc0002000 for 2 pages
NOTICE: nfs3_link(): File system was registered at index 4.
NOTICE: autofs_link(): File system was registered at index 6.
NOTICE: cachefs_link(): File system was registered at index 7.
igelan0: INITIALIZING HP PCI 1000Base-T Core at hardware path 0/1/2/0
iether1: INITIALIZING HP AB545-60001 PCI/PCI-X 1000Base-T 4-port 1000B-T Adapter
at hardware path 0/4/1/0/4/0
i $Revision: vmunix: vw: -proj selectors: CUPI80_BL2000_1108 -c '
Vw for CUPI80_BL2000_1108 build' -- cupi80_bl2000_1108 'CUPI80_BL2000_1108' Wed
Nov 8 19:24:56 PST 2000 $545-60001 PCI/PCI-X 1000Base-T 4-port 1000B-T Adapter
Memory Information:/4/1/0/6/0
physical page size = 4096 bytes, logical page size = 4096 bytes00B-T Adapter
Physical: 4192256 Kbytes, lockable: 3194184 Kbytes, available: 3685996 Kbyte
======= 01/25/10 03:47:40 EST HP-UX Installation Initialization. (Mon Jan 25
03:47:40 EST 2010)art & size given in 512-byte blocks)
@(#) Ignite-UX Revision C.6.3.324device; ignored - no room
@(#) install/init (opt) $Revision: 10.333 $e defaulted to primary swap.
* Setting keyboard language.ices...Dump is disabled.
* Querying disk device: 0/1/1/0.0.0 ...
* Querying disk device: 0/1/1/0.1.0 ...

Welcome to the HP-UX installation/recovery process!

Use the key to navigate between fields, and the arrow keys
within fields. Use the key to select an item.
Use the or to pop-up a choices list. If the
menus are not clear, select the "Help" item for more information.

Hardware Summary: System Model: 9000/800/rp3410
+---------------------+----------------+-------------------+ [ Scan Again ]
| Disks: 2 (136.7GB) | Floppies: 0 | LAN cards: 5 |
| CD/DVDs: 1 | Tapes: 0 | Memory: 4094Mb |
| Graphics Ports: 0 | IO Buses: 4 | CPUs: 1 | [ H/W Details ]

[ S Install HP-UX ]

[ Run a Recovery Shell ]

[ Advanced Options ]

[ Reboot ] [ Help ]

NOTE: Creating the second RAM disc and mounting on /dev ...
* Generating device file for the second ramdisc...
* Loading mkfs to make a file system...
version 4 layout
15625 sectors, 15625 blocks of size 1024, log size 1024 blocks
unlimited inodes, largefiles not supported
15625 data blocks, 14529 free data blocks
1 allocation units of 32768 blocks, 32768 data blocks
last allocation unit has 15625 data blocks
* Loading mount to mount/dev/ram1 file system...
* Mounting /dev/ram1 file system succeeded!
* Copying /dev.old files back to /dev succeeds!
* Loading insf to create disk device files...
* Creating disk device files...
* Loading the recovery commands...

(c) Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Hewlett-Packard Co.
(c) Copyright 1979 The Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate
(c) Copyright 1979, 1980, 1983 The Regents of the University of California
(c) Copyright 1980, 1984 AT&T Technologies. All Rights Reserved.



Loading some basic commands...
Required files exist ... Proceeding
/duped_root/.kshrc[306]: /sbin/fs/cdfs/mount: not found


s. Search for a file
b. Reboot
l. Load a file
r. Recover an unbootable HP-UX system
x. Exit to shell

This menu is for listing and loading the tools contained on the core media.
Once a tool is loaded, it may be run from the shell. Some tools require other
files to be present in order to successfully execute.

Select one of the above:

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Re: Re install HP-UX 11iv1 from DVD

This is always a problem with terminal emulation (hyperterminal)?

Try putty instead.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Re install HP-UX 11iv1 from DVD

Perfect !
Thank you