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Reagrding sh processes

Kavita Poonia
Regular Advisor

Reagrding sh processes

Hello Techies,

I have a HP-UX box and I can see lots of below mentioned processes running on that server. I am clueless that what these "sh" processes are all about and that too consuming very high CPU. Can anyone please help me out with this.

sh 13539 13538 210 root 9.1/ 9.0 3795.8 0.0/ 0.0 284kb 1
sh 24186 24185 211 root 9.1/ 9.9 12160.8 0.0/ 0.0 284kb 1
sh 23390 23389 158 root 7.5/10.7 16635.2 0.0/ 0.0 284kb 1
sh 16485 16484 228 root 5.5/ 5.5 2.8 0.0/ 0.0 300kb 1

Thanks * regards,
Jeroen Peereboom
Honored Contributor

Re: Reagrding sh processes

The command 'top' is used to show CPU usage of processes. I once heard that 'as long top is shown on the first screen, the system is not really busy CPU-wise'.

Use ps -ef to find out what are the parent and child processes of all these sh processes. (PPID = Parent Process ID). The parent is the 'caller' of the program, the one that started the program.
So what is process 21185? And 23389?
And what is the result of ps -ef | grep 21186?
Maybe HP-UX has something like 'pstree' to show chains of processes.

Gagan kapahi
Honored Contributor

Re: Reagrding sh processes

Do you have Open View running in your HP-UX environment?

If not, you are in wrong forum...