Reboot after Panic

Wilder Mellotto
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Reboot after Panic


My server rebooted whith this information in /etc/shutdownlog

16:02 Tue Jan 18 2011. Reboot after panic: Instruction page fault

In /var/adm/crash/crash.0 was saved a dump, and then I executed one HP script that read this dump and the file is attached.

I had other problems with HPMC messages or Cluster problems, but this "Instruction page fault" is my first.

Can anyone explain this error?

Patrick Wallek
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Re: Reboot after Panic

Do you have a software support contract for this server? If so, contact the HP Response Center so they can analyze your crash dump.
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Re: Reboot after Panic

yes !! HP is the best resource but it looks
like a network related panic ..probably
ARPA & STREAMS and some lan cumulative patches will be the fix.

============== EVENT ============================
SP RP Return Name
0x400003ffffff2488 0x002b0574 panic+0x6c
0x400003ffffff23e8 0x00305994 report_trap_or_int_and_panic+0x94
0x400003ffffff2348 0x0016bd1c trap+0xf74
0x400003ffffff2168 0x0016dfc0 thandler+0xd24

The crash even is matching with the
following issues on thread ( network panic )

SP RP Return Name
0x400003ffffff1c98 0x00150df0 putnext+0x2e0
0x400003ffffff1b88 0x0019c670 wait_iocack+0x68
0x400003ffffff19f8 0x0018e544 str_istr_ioctl+0x78c
0x400003ffffff1718 0x001373f8 hpstreams_ioctl_int+0x228
0x400003ffffff1608 0x0013782c streams_ioctl+0x34
0x400003ffffff1578 0x00bb27b8 pstat_stream_fillin+0x80
0x400003ffffff11c8 0x00bb2f44 streams_pstat+0x24c
0x400003ffffff0ff8 0x00baaa94 pstat_stream+0x37c
0x400003ffffff0e28 0x0009a4a0 pstat+0x398
0x400003ffffff0da8 0x00152858 syscall+0x738
0x400003ffffff0c78 0x00034764 syscallinit+0x55c

Where as in stack trace there are lots of
streams components pointing network panic.

Lets confirm with HP.


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