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Recovery in Dark

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Recovery in Dark


We have to restore about 400GB of data from an Ultrium 460 drive through sam. We have selected to restore one small LV (entire /LV) of approx 1.7 MB size interactively. But, it is almost an hour since the message is saying:-

Starting file recovery...

From another remote session, we have checked for active processes:-
# ps -eaf|grep -i pts/tb
root 9579 9573 0 15:10:33 pts/tb 0:00 samx -K 9578 /usr/sam/lib/%L/fal.ui
root 10055 9726 0 15:31:48 pts/tb 0:00 ui_exec -appName sam /usr/bin/echo "Starting file recovery...";
root 9221 967 0 15:02:14 pts/tb 0:00 telnetd
root 10058 10056 0 15:31:48 pts/tb 0:00 /usr/bin/sh /usr/sam/lbin/br_recover LTO /dev/rmt/1m N Y Y /var
root 10056 10055 0 15:31:48 pts/tb 0:00 sh -c /usr/bin/echo "Starting file recovery..."; /usr/sam/lbin/
root 9726 9725 0 15:10:42 pts/tb 0:00 /usr/sam/lbin/samx -C -p 9579 -s br_sa_bdevs /usr/sam/lib/%L/br
root 10074 10058 0 15:31:49 pts/tb 0:00 tail -f /var/sam/log/br_index.rec
root 9725 9579 0 15:10:42 pts/tb 0:00 sh -c LANG=C LC_ALL=C /usr/sam/lbin/samx -C -p 9579 -s br_sa_bd
root 10075 10058 0 15:31:49 pts/tb 0:46 frecover -xv -X -g /var/sam/graphJDAa09726 -f /dev/rmt/1m
root 9222 9221 0 15:02:14 pts/tb 0:00 -sh
root 9573 9222 0 15:10:33 pts/tb 0:00 /usr/bin/sh /usr/sbin/sam
root 11148 9517 0 17:12:17 pts/tc 0:00 grep -i pts/tb

The graph file is also indicating that the entire LV is being recovered:-
# cat /var/sam/graphJDAa09726
i /sap/L77/sapreorg

Howeve, there is no way to tell if anything is really happening. The `Ready` LED is toggling between a constant ON and BLINKING state.

No Disk or Tape Errors are showing

Is there a way to determine what is happening

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Re: Recovery in Dark

The system has to search the whole tape, this may take long time. Be patient.

Hope this helps!

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melvyn burnard
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Re: Recovery in Dark

if you have Glance, you could go look at the open files for the frecover process, and see if you can spot the device file to see how much iot has "open", if I recall correctly
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