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Recreating a logical drive with SmartStart CD

Danesh Qureshi
Regular Advisor

Recreating a logical drive with SmartStart CD

I have a HP Proliant DL380 G4 running RHEL AS3. The server has two logical drives. The second logical drive consists of two disks and mirror each other so its setup RAID 1.
My problem is that both disks are showing a "Red light" to indicate a fault. I am aware this means there is going to some data loss. I have reseated both disks and the "Red Light" has cleared.

When I reboot the HP Proliant DL380 server the system automatically ran "fsck" to fix bad block errors in the mirror set.

I have a good backup of the file system so I can restore the file system.

I want to know if I did replace the two physical disks in the mirror, would I need the Smartstart CD to recreate the logical drve as mirror (Raid 1) and if so how?

Thank you
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Re: Recreating a logical drive with SmartStart CD

You can do so via the BIOS/Smart Array Controller's Firmware OR via the OS's hpacutil utility.

It should be very straightforwardy either way.

Hakuna Matata.