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Red hat and BL860c

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Red hat and BL860c


I have a problem instaling Red Had Enterprise 4 in a BL860c.
The instalation dont start, the instalation frezed in "loadin initrd initrd.img ...done"
and never continue.
Some idea about that problem !!
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Re: Red hat and BL860c

The hard drive where are you trying to install red hat are local or from a SAN

If are local disk you must first configure the disks as mirror using the smart setup cd.

If the disk are from a san after you have presented must put the messanine driver.

Go to qlocic website and download it .
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Re: Red hat and BL860c


My BL860c Box have a SAS controller and I configure using Smart Start CD Rom.

But the real problem after choice option install linux OS.

One Question some one know who install a driver before start installation in boot promtp ( Elilo linux:) in order to load de SAS controller.


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Re: Red hat and BL860c

Hi Isaac,

Can you check what is your Primary Console Output Device?

This option is in the Efi boot Menu... Console Boot Options.... "Console Devices"...

If your primary console is VGA and you try to install REdhat in serial device then change it.

Best Regards...
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Re: Red hat and BL860c

Hi Isaac,

Could U please check U HDD firmware ver, if it is old then U apply latest firmware ver.

Here is the link:-

Then U try to install OS (RedHat).

HP Support!!!