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Redhat 4 installation error!!

Yogesh M Puranik
Valued Contributor

Redhat 4 installation error!!

Hi ,

I am gonna install redhat 4 on one of the HP-BOX, after portioning while proceeding it is showing the error as follows,

input/output error during writeon /dev/sda

Can anybody suggest, what could be the reason?

Honored Contributor

Re: Redhat 4 installation error!!

/dev/sda should be the first SCSI/USB/whatever disk on the system. Note that HP Proliant servers often have a SmartArray hardware RAID controller installed: with it, the disk path is usually different. It should look like /dev/cciss/c0t0 or /dev/ida/c0t0 (depending on SmartArray model). These paths are available only after the RAID controller has been configured using the BIOS menus or the SmartStart CD.

You may have a bad disk. Or if you have a modern HP Proliant server with an unconfigured RAID controller, you may have accidentally tried to install RedHat 4 on your USB memory stick :-)

What's the hardware model of the box and what kind of disk(s)?

Note: I'm fairly sure you actually mean RedHat _Enterprise Linux_ 4, rather than the ancient RedHat 4.x (released in 1996-1997!).

A good short non-ambiguous way to identify a RedHat Enterprise Linux distribution would be "RHEL 4". Or if you want to be exact, something like "RHEL 4 ES Update 5".