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Redhat 5.8 and PSP 9.x with HPSUM


Redhat 5.8 and PSP 9.x with HPSUM

I am using kickstart to install Redhat 5.8. In the post section I copied the psp to the server and then

I start


./hpsum /silent /force /express_install


This is not working. But I can use the same command after the installtion and it is working.


Whats wrong?

Honored Contributor

Re: Redhat 5.8 and PSP 9.x with HPSUM

When operating in silent mode, HPSUM should be writing a log file. What does it say?


In the post-install environment, there are no services running. In particular, hp-health, hp-snmp-agents, sshd and snmpd services are not running... and reading the "Minimum requirements for Linux" section in HPSUM release notes, these would seem to be required for the HPSUM to function. (Of course, the hp-health and hp-snmp-agents are probably not installed yet, since that's likely to be at least one of the reasons you're running HPSUM for.)


Maybe you could try starting at least the sshd and snmpd services in your post-install script before running HPSUM and see if it works better then. After HPSUM completes, you'll probably have to explicitly shut down any services you started in order to allow the system to reboot cleanly.