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Re: Redhat 6.1 Cluster Active/Active

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Redhat 6.1 Cluster Active/Active

Hi Team, I have a two node active/active redhat 6.1 cluster. Regarding active/active cluster quorum partition is require or not? If yes please guide me how to configure to the same.
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Re: Redhat 6.1 Cluster Active/Active

In a RedHat Cluster, a quorum partition is technically always optional. However, a two-node cluster without a quorum partition may behave badly if the heartbeat connection fails between the nodes: if the chosen fencing mechanism allows the fenced node to reboot, it will then re-establish cluster on its own and fence the other node if the heartbeat connection is still failing. This will cause a see-saw effect until the heartbeat connection is fixed or the admin stops the useless behaviour.


Please see this RedHat tech brief:

How to Optimally Configure a Quorum Disk in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Clustering and High-Availability Environments