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Redhat SFTP via a proxy server ?

Thomas Ritter
Respected Contributor

Redhat SFTP via a proxy server ?

We have dedicated drop box used for the file transfers. We have been asked to send files to a remote site residing behind a proxy server.

I read products like "corescrew" can be installed to allow suitable syntax via the -o switch allowing something like
$ sftp "ProxyCommand ...." user@remote-site

Must I install s/w to perform command line sftp to a proxy or are there otherway to achieve the same result ?
Honored Contributor

Re: Redhat SFTP via a proxy server ?

Is it a HTTP proxy, a SOCKS proxy or some other type of proxy?

Do you mean "corkscrew"?

The "corkscrew" software seems to allow the use of HTTP proxies that require authentication. If your proxy does *not* require authentication, the description of the ProxyCommand option in ssh_config(5) man page describes how to use the netcat (nc) tool to connect through a basic HTTP proxy that supports the CONNECT method. (See "man ssh_config".)

The netcat command is available as either a standard or optional package in most Linux distributions.