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Regarding Dynamic feature of IVM 3.50


Regarding Dynamic feature of IVM 3.50


Can ne 1 tell me what all changes can be done dynamically using IVM 3.50... cos i tried to increase the RAM size, CPU, add new vswitch... and all the time it asked for reboot of guest system for changes to take place...

Also I tried using "ram_dyn_xxx" still not being able to change RAM size dynamically...
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Re: Regarding Dynamic feature of IVM 3.50

By default, dynamic memory is not enabled. To configure a virtual machine to use dynamic memory, enter the hpvmcreate, hpvmmodify, or hpvmclone command. Include the following -x option to set initial values:
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Re: Regarding Dynamic feature of IVM 3.50

As far as I've seen now, not much can be done dynamically besides adding or removing storage devices. And in some cases, you have to manually specify the bus and target numbers manually, or it will also ask you to reboot.

I was surprised that vCPUs cannot be added dynamically (at least to my 11iv2 guests), especially considering that vPars have supported this since day one. I'm sure this will be added sometime in the future.

The "dynamic memory" name is misleading. Your VM will see and report the maximum amount of memory you configured, and a dummy process will consume whatever needs to be given back to the VM Host. It's a clever hack since it doesn't require any change to the kernel to support this, but it can be confusing: in glance, you will see a huge process taking gigs of memory. It's probably only useful if you run ServiceGuard and need to consolidate lots of VMs on a server with limited memory. I don't use it.

On a side note, update to 4.0 when you can -- the built-in MPIO and the included APA are worth it.