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Regarding I/O bottleneck on HP-UX servers.


Regarding I/O bottleneck on HP-UX servers.


I want to know how to identify the I/O bottleneck with OS commant iostat as disk space is allocated from EMC storage. Or there are any tool or other command to find if there is any I/O bottleneck on server.


We are planning to buy new integrity server and want to know can we have multiple SAP instance on same server with maximum CPU and RAM. Currently we are having 3 SAP instances running on one HP PA-RISC server i.e. RP7400 with 8 CPU and 32 GB RAM. If we get one powerful server with CPU and memory can we able to put 6 SAP instance on one HP Integrity server. I know it can be possible but want to know whether there will be any I/O bottleneck if we are having 6 instances as the disk space will be allocated from EMC storage. Or we have to go with 2 physical server i.e. 2 integrity server and distribute the 3 intances each on one integrity server?




donna hofmeister
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Re: Regarding I/O bottleneck on HP-UX servers.

iostat may help to tell you if you're currently having any IO issues.  other tools like glance are useful too.


however it very difficult/impossible to say what will happen if you change *everything*.  You're probably running 11.11 now.  Going to a new integrity box probably means you're going to change to 11.31 (and no, you can't do an update.)  You're changing from one architecture to another.  You're *likely* going to see a performance improvement but it's hard to say


perhaps the first things to find out are -- can your SAP applications move to 11.31?  is there money to buy a big integrity server and a pre-production/test server?