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Re: Regarding quroum disk working or not?

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Regarding quroum disk working or not?

Hi Team,


Please go through my attached file. Here my question is how should I know my quroum is working or not? I have little bit confusion like, I have applied [ #mkqdisk -c /dev/mapper/mpath0 -L label ] command on primary node in active/passive cluster.

After create qdisk ,applied  #mkqdisk -L -d command on same  primary node , here showing host is primary server name.

Now I did manulally do fence service primary to secondary 

After fenced to secondary node cluster , I have applied #mkqdisk -L -d command on secondary node, here is showing host is primary.  what is that ? is my quroum is working.? Plesae let me know your needful answer. Thnaks



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Re: Regarding quroum disk working or not?

The "host" in the mkqdisk -L listing is not the current owner of the quorum disk, but the creator. Your quorum disk seems to be working OK.

In fact, there is no concept of a single node "holding" the quorum disk: in this cluster technology, the quorum disk contains a dedicated communication block for each node (identified by the node number in the main cluster configuration). Each node is allowed to write to its own communication block *only*, but will read all the communication blocks to get information on cluster state.


It seems to me you might be trying to apply the principles of some other cluster technology (e.g. HP Serviceguard) to CMAN/RedHat cluster. Different cluster technologies may have similarly-named components, but the implementation is likely to be subtly (or radically) different. Be careful with your assumptions.


Re: Regarding quroum disk working or not?

I don't know if you read the documentation on quorum disk, but it explicitly warns the user they should not use a RAIDed quorum disk.  Why this is I do not know.  But, the author makes it crystal clear RAIDed storage should never be used.