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Re: Replace HBA card using sam remove/add option

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Replace HBA card using sam remove/add option

Has anyone tried replacing a bad HBA fiber card using sam remove/add option?  HP-UX 11.11

OLRAD is on 11.23 and 11.31. But is it available for 11.11?





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Re: Replace HBA card using sam remove/add option

  1. on 11.31 it works like this:


    notice to WWPN (world wide port numbers) that will be changes after the change of the hba:


    root@mybox:~# fclputil /dev/fclp2 # or fcdutil /dev/fcd1

                                Vendor ID is = 0x10df
                                Device ID is = 0xfe00
                 PCI Sub-system Vendor ID is = 0x103c
                        PCI Sub-system ID is = 0x7046
                                Chip version = 2
                            Firmware Version = 2.82X4 SLI-3 (Z3D2.82X4)
                                 EFI Version = ZE3.21A3
                                    EFI Boot = ENABLED
              Driver-Firmware Dump Available = NO
              Driver-Firmware Dump Timestamp = N/A
                           Previous Topology = UNINITIALIZED
                                  Link Speed = 4Gb
                          Local N_Port_id is = 0x820090
                       Previous N_Port_id is = None
                 N_Port Node World Wide Name = 0x5001438010631b47
                 N_Port Port World Wide Name = 0x5001438010631b46
                 Switch Port World Wide Name = 0x2069000dec446e80
                 Switch Node World Wide Name = 0x2001000dec01de81
                                Driver state = AWAITING_LINK_UP
                            Hardware Path is = 0/6/0/0/0/0/2/0/0/0
                          Maximum Frame Size = 2048
                              Driver Version = @(#) FCLP: PCIe Fibre Channel driver (FibrChanl-02), B.11.31.1009, May  7 2010, FCLP_IFC (3,2)



    find out slot_ID of HBA-Card to change usinf cstm.


    Prepare to replace the HBA:

    # /usr/bin/olrad -r slot_ID      

    The above command performs a Critical Resource Analysis (CRA).

  2. Replace the HBA with a new compatible HBA of similar type in the same slot.

  3. Bring the replaced HBA back into the configuration. Enter the following:

    # /usr/bin/olrad -q
  4. Enter the following command after you replace the HBA:

    # /usr/bin/olrad -R slot_ID 
  5. Verify the success of the operation. The slot power should be ON, driver is OLAR capable, and so on.

    # /usr/bin/olrad -q slot_ID
  6. Perform an operating system device scan to re-discover the LUNs. Enter the following:


    # ioscan -fn


    Lookup new WWPNs using fclputil or fcdutil; then update zoning to use new WWPN.