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Replace system disk on 4.0G

Occasional Advisor

Replace system disk on 4.0G

Dont usually do this so need some help. I have a blown disk which is one part of a mirrored pair. and part of a volume. The disk is showing detached in LSM ( white ).

I need to replace the disk is it just a case of using voldiskadm and selecting replace failed or removed disk?

Do i need to disklabel the replacement disk first? or does voldiskadm take care of all of that.

Any help would be most gratefully received

Mohamed K Ahmed
Trusted Contributor

Re: Replace system disk on 4.0G

Check these docs
The complete documentation sets are at

For non-boot devices, have a look in chapter 6.4.5 on

Chapter 6.4.6 gives the explanations for bootdevices.

This docs are for 5.1, I couldn't find for 4.0G, read through them and see if they are helpful