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I would like to know if nfs on a hp machine is affected when rquotad is disabled on a linux system. The hp machine has a mounted nfs that points to the linux system.


Feng Lin
Honored Contributor

Re: Rquotad

As far as I understand, the rquotad only informs the users on the NFS client about their quota status: the actual check is done on the NFS server.

- Is the quota enabled on the Linux NFS server?
- Is the NFS filesystem mounted on the HP-UX with a "quota" mount option?

Case 1.)
- no quota enabled on the Linux NFS server

You can disable rquotad.
Just make sure the NFS filesystem does not have the "quota" mount option; otherwise the "quota" command on the NFS client may produce errors when it tries to get quota information.

Case 2.)
- quota enabled on the server-side and "quota" mount option is used client-side

Disabling the rquotad may cause the "quota" command on the client to produce errors, and makes it impossible for the users on the client system to see how much quota they have left.

Case 3.)
- quota enabled on the server-side, but no "quota" mount option (or there is an explicit "noquota" option) in the client

Disabling the rquotad does not change the current situation: users are still restricted by the quota on the NFS server, but cannot get information of their quota situation unless they log in directly to the NFS server.