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S98gcstartup start" FAILED on reboot

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Donald Thaler
Super Advisor

S98gcstartup start" FAILED on reboot

after doing a shutdown -r on an hp ux 11.23 system i noticed this error in the rc.log file. everything appears to be functioning normally but i was wondering what this error was pointing to.. i tried to do a man on s98gc, but didn't find anything, i searched the knowledge base on s98gc and again nothing turned up.
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Re: S98gcstartup start" FAILED on reboot

The S98 part of the name is a standard name prefix for a SysVinit start-up script link.

S = Start something (K would be Kill/stop)

98 = Determines the position of the script in the start-up sequence, i.e. this is intended to be among the last things to start for a given runlevel.

HP-UX uses three-digit numbers to determine start-up order instead of more common two digits, so this might be a start-up script for some third-party software.

(The actual ordering of the start-up scripts is based on straight ASCII sorting, so using a two-digit number is not harmful - it just means the script S98gcstartup will run only _after_ any scripts named like S999*, but before scripts named like S98[h-z]*.)

The rest of the filename should reflect the actual name of the script. By SysVinit and HP-UX conventions, the script should be located at /sbin/init.d/gcstartup - but third-party software won't always follow those conventions.

Run "ls -l /sbin/rc?.d/S98gcstartup" to see where the link points to, then examine the script at the end of the link for more clues.

If the script does not exist, this might be a dangling symlink - a remnant of a third-party software that was removed at some previous time.

A little bit of Googling reveals that "gcstartup" might refer to Oracle Enterprise Manager grid control application.

Donald Thaler
Super Advisor

Re: S98gcstartup start" FAILED on reboot

my fault it was gcstartup not gostartup... and when i looked for S98gcstartup i found it in /sbin/rc3.d
# cd /sbin/rc3.d
# ls -a
. S200tps.rc S823hpws_webproxy S98gcstartup
.. S823hpws_apache S823hpws_xmltools S990dtlogin.rc
K98gcstartup S823hpws_tomcat S828kwdbd S998amgrd
S100nfs.server S823hpws_webmin S829hpvmguestlib S99prngd.rc

it's a system link to /sbin/init.d/gcstartup ... which exists..
and you're right it appears to be for oracles grid control.... i'll query oracle and see if i can remove the entry, since my oracle grid control is actually running on a windows server...

Re: S98gcstartup start" FAILED on reboot

>I'll query oracle and see if I can remove the entry,

For HP-UX rc(1m) scripts, you can also disable them with the configuration values in /etc/rc.config.d/.

What it's for: