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SAM - HPUX11.11 - Disk and File System errors out.

Valued Contributor

SAM - HPUX11.11 - Disk and File System errors out.



When I go into sam - disk and file systems I am getting the following error for any of the subsequent options:


A SAM internal error has occurred.  Check the SAM log file using the ³   ³
³ÚÄij Options menu or the /usr/sam/bin/samlog_viewer command for more      ³Ä¿ ³
³³  ³ details on the failure.  Contact an HP support representative and    ³ ^ ³
³³  ³ provide them with the contents of the log file (/var/sam/log/samlog) ³   ³
³³  ³ so that an appropriate resolution to this problem can be provided.


UNEXPECTED EXIT: process LANG=C LC_ALL=C /usr/sam/lbin/samx -C -p   ³    ³
³³ S³ 27144 -s fs_sa_disk /usr/sam/lib//fs.ui exited with a non-zero exit ³    ³
³³ S³ status.


And this is what it says in the samlog:


# tail samlog
Command completed with exit status 0.
Exiting Task Manager with task fs_vxlicense_installed.
Entering Task Manager with task NNC_GET_INSTALL_STATUS.
An infrastructural error message for [error code 80054, location ../prod4/Ros
eville/intermed/arch_scan.C:721] was not found in the   internal error table.Lo
cation: arch_err_handler.C:256Error Code: 5000


I have just recently done a full patch upgrade but this hasnt happened on any of the other HPUX11.11 that I've also patch upgraded recently.


Can anyone help?


Kind Regards - Mark P.

Valued Contributor

Re: SAM - HPUX11.11 - Disk and File System errors out.

Update - it isnt just disk and file systems - its everything! I think I've got an access issue with sam that may have changed in the patch upgrade?