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SAMBA Configuration

Anoop Sivan
Frequent Advisor

SAMBA Configuration

Hi Talents
Need to clarify some basic queries related to samba configuration in hp-ux
version: hp-ux 11.23
1.Whether we need to use same passwd on both boxes(windows/unix)?
2.Whether users home directory should be same as the shared drive(here /share/test)?
3.Here security = ADS, so whether the user test need to be added as smabpasswd -a test?
4.How wecan check from whether the user test can access the shared drive /share/test.
5.Any other modification need to be done below configurations.

in /etc/opt/smb/smb.conf we are configured as below

workgroup = IND
security = ADS
netbios name = nxxxxxxx
encrypt passwords = yes
password server =,, *
domain master = auto
local master = yes
preferred master = auto
wins server =
comment = test
path = /share/test
browseable = yes
guest ok = no
Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: SAMBA Configuration

Here is the step by step to configure samba
May this help you,

TO check the CIFS Software is installed or not.
#swlist -l product| grep -i cifs

Edit the file and make the value 1 to stsrt the smb services at every boot.
#vi /etc/rc.config.d/samba


Configure /etc/opt/samba/smb.conf

#vi /etc/opt/samba/smb.conf {Make the changes as per your requirment}


# workgroup = NT-Domain-Name or Workgroup-Name, eg: REDHAT4

workgroup = UKDOM1

# server string is the equivalent of the NT Description field

server string = CIFS9000 Samba Server

# this tells Samba to use a separate log file for each machine

# that connects

log file = /var/opt/samba/log.%m

log level = 1

# Security mode. Most people will want user level security. See

# security_level.txt for details.

security = user
#=========================== Share Definitions =========================


comment = Home Directories

browseable = no

# This one is useful for people to share files


comment = Temporary file space

path = /tmp

read only = no


comment = Shared Database Directory

path = /ora1

writable = yes

browseable = yes

Verify your smb.conf configuration with the testparm utility


Load smb config files from /etc/opt/samba/smb.conf

Processing section "[homes]"

Processing section "[tmp]"

Processing section "[ora1]"

Loaded services file OK.

Processing comments in /etc/opt/samba/smb.conf

The SMB/CIFS password file does not exist by default. We need to create it and ensure that the permissions are correct. Again

#ll /var/opt/samba/private

#touch /var/opt/samba/private/smbpasswd

#chmod 500 /var/opt/samba/private
#chmod 600 /var/opt/samba/private/smbpasswd
#ll /var/opt/samba/private

#/opt/samba/bin/smbpasswd -a

Start the CIFS daemon

#/sbin/init.d/samba start

Verify the configuration with the smbclient utility

#/opt/samba/bin/smbclient -L localhost -U%

Anoop Sivan
Frequent Advisor

Re: SAMBA Configuration

Thanks for the reply
I already go through Charlees Keenans HP-UX Bible.
eric roseme
Respected Contributor

Re: SAMBA Configuration

Hi Anoop,

1. Depends on how you want to map users: usermap file, winbind, Unified Login. Look at this whitepaper:

2. Don't understand the question, but you can use [homes] as the default for /home. But for /share/test you need a specific share defined.

3. No - not for authentication. But for ACL management you need to run syncsmbpasswd (see appendix C in the whitepaper above).

4. Mount the share from a Windows client. /share/test needs to have the correct local (HP-UX) permissions for user authorization.

Eric Roseme