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SAN migration

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SAN migration



We are doing a storage and SAN migration from one location to another DC.


I need the steps to remove (releasing) the lun's which is under VXVM, and once server moved to the new DC along with the new storage how to re-attach the lun's with my server.


For that I have to migrate my the data copy from xp 12k to 24 k. Since we have 3 XP 12k and now we have purchased 2 24k storage.  SO we plan to move these 2 new xp 24k to the new DC (with the data copy from xp 12k).


Could any one please post the steps for the SAN migration from the server prespective

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: SAN migration

Are you expecting your device files to change after the array moves?


If so, and this is thinking in LVM terms not VxVM, I would tell you to:


1) Create a map file of your VG or VGs -- vgexport -p -s -m /tmp/<vgname>.map <vgname> 

(where <vgname> is your VG name.  Do this for each VG)


2) Unmount file systems, deactivate VG and move the array


3) Start the array back up and see if you have the same disk device files, if so you can just reactivate the VGs.


4) If the device files changed, you would blow away the VGs, recreate the /dev/<vgname> directory, and the /dev/<vgname>/group file, then use the map files to import the VGs.  -- vgimport -s -m /tmp/<vgname>.map <vgname>


You may have to relate this to appropriate VxVM commands.  Something similar should be possible though.



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Re: SAN migration

I dont want the same device files for my arrays


Re: SAN migration


I assume you are doing the SAN level data copy not in OS level.


0) server see just original disks.
1) stop all applications on the servers and unmount the file systems
2) Have the backup team completes the final SAN copy.
3) vxdg deport dgname
3a) unpresent old disk and present new ones. 
4) ioscan;insf;vxdctl enable
6) vxdg import dgname