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SAN presented Tape drives and Trucluster

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Adam Garsha
Valued Contributor

SAN presented Tape drives and Trucluster

Does one and only one node "serve" the tape device when a tape device is presented to a Tru64 5.1B-3 cluster?

If so, how can you tell which node "serves" the device? How can you switch the device to be "served" by another member?

If an alternate (non-serving) node reads/writes to such a device, does the traffic flow through the cluster interconnect or is I/O direct?

If I/O is direct, does it matter from a performance standpoint, which member serves the tape drive?
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: SAN presented Tape drives and Trucluster

Only one node servers the tape device. Tape drives are always single-server.

You can see the node that serves the device using the drdmgr command. You can also relocate using drdmgr -a SERVER=.

You should relocate the tape device before writing to the tape device.

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