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SCOM Message stuck in hpux

Regular Advisor

SCOM Message stuck in hpux

we are getting a message that is a month old in SCOM, we have removed the client from the HP-UX server, remove the directories, removed everythin about this server from the SCOM Server, and yet we are still getting this message. We have been told by the SCOM people that the error is cached somewhere on the HP-UX server but no one can tell me where to look. So i am asking for any thoughts for Ideas.

its an HP-UX 11vi3, patched to 2013 bl860C.

thanks for any thoughts or ideas.



Re: SCOM Message stuck in HP-UX

What does the message look like?

Regular Advisor

Re: SCOM Message stuck in HP-UX

here is what i get via an email from the SCOM server.

Most Recent Status Update

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Entered on 07/02/2014 at 01:26:05 EDT (GMT-0400) by SVC-SCOM_Notify:
Alert: % Free Space is too low
Description: The threshold for the Logical Disk\% Free Space performance counter has been exceeded. The value that exceeded the threshold is: 4% Free Space.

Application Name: NetBackup

DevMan Status: 04 - Active Production

AlertID: c967ebba-71a6-4e67-97f9-1616031cefd5
Server: KHHPX003

SCOM Console: http://SCOM.ketthealth.com/OperationsManager?DisplayMode=Pivot&AlertID=c967ebba-71a6-4e67-97f9-1616031cefd5

Monitoring Rule/Problem ID: Microsoft.HPUX.11iv3
Class Name: Microsoft.HPUX.11iv3.LogicalDisk:Server1.XXX.com;/epic/3par/mounts/epicprd/prd05

NetBIOSName: Server1
If you have any questions, concerns or request regarding the inforamtion in this ticket please send an
email to SCOMAdmins@khnetwork.org. Please reference the Footprints ticket in your email.


Re: SCOM Message stuck in HP-UX

>here is what i get via an email from the SCOM server:

>Alert: % Free Space is too low ...



I don't see anything obvious.  Is the above the filesystem?  What does this show?

bdf -l /epic/3par/mounts/epicprd/prd05