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SCSI lbolt error in 11.23

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SCSI lbolt error in 11.23

I am receiving the following error in the syslog on my HP-UX 11.23 system:

vmunix: SCSI: Request Timeout; Abort -- lbolt (varies), dev: cb030002, io_id: (varies)


Here's what I've done so far:
1. printf "%#d\n" 0xcb
2. lsdev 203
   Character    Block    Driver    Class
       203             -1          sctl           ctl
3. ll -R /dev/ | grep 203
   0x0000cb    Feb 20 2008    203
   0x007000    Dec  7 2006    c0t7d0
   0x017000    Dec  7 2006    c1t7d0
   0x027000    Dec  7 2006    c2t7d0
   0x037000    Dec  7 2006    c3t7d0


It looks to me like this error is related to the SCSI controller.

Is there anything else to look at to isolate the issue?