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SFTP setup

Michael Murphy_2
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SFTP setup

Hello - in the past when setting up on-way sftp to a remote servers we always exchanged keys. What is the minimal that is required for a one-way send to a remote machine - do i generate a key and send to them to put in authorized_keys - or vice-versa - or both? Do both sides need a .ssh dir? thanks
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Re: SFTP setup

The key need to be generated in your own site then append it to the remote site (authorized_keys). You can send or receive files from your site to remote one.
Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: SFTP setup


Note keys are required only for password less authentication. If it is normal sftp keys are not required.

You need to generate the public using ssh-keygen and append it on remote server $HOME/.ssh/autherized_keys file.

One way is enough. If you want to achieve password less login from both do the vice-versa also.

>>Do both sides need a .ssh dir<<<

yes. when you generate the key on source server this dir will be created. On remote server also you need this dir to put the authorized_keys file
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