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SG Question : about HB lan removal. for maintenance ?

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SG Question : about HB lan removal. for maintenance ?

Hi Experts,


Here it is ow the Service Guard lans are currently:



NODE_NAME hpuxcm1    
NETWORK_INTERFACE lan1      ## System IP#1 
NETWORK_INTERFACE lan5     ##--   HB IP 
NETWORK_INTERFACE lan2    ## System IP#2 
NETWORK_INTERFACE lan3    ## Standby of System IP#1 lan.




I have a combo card , ( fc0,fc1,lan4,lan5)  having FC and lan together, in which the lan5 : HB lan , falls. lan4 is not in use.

fc0 and fc1 are redundant with another fc, so taking down no issue. 

I need to replace the FC card.  with OLAR steps. 


Q:A : How to make the lan7 down ? without brining the system down or node taking out of cluster, Since other 2 also can work as heart beat is there any problem can occur.


Q:B: What are the best practice for OLAR replacement of combo card in SG env (11.31). ex: my slot needs to powerdown is slot 0-1-1-4  .   2 FC port to disable.  2 lan port to disable.  only