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SMH Login Issues

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Acxiom Unix Team
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SMH Login Issues

Just wonder if someone could offer any ideas why i cannot log into SMH. We are using HPUX 11.31 server and i am trying to access via the URL (http://:2301/ and it gets to the login page but thats it, rejects any logins.

I am trying to use a user (not root) and so have assigned this user to the hpsmh group. I know the user can log in the server directly, but just not via SMH.

Running out of ideas, the daemons are up and running from what i can see, so is apache. So if anyone has any i would be grateful.

Many Thanks
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Re: SMH Login Issues

By default, the HPSMH allows logins using the root account only. When root logs in, s/he can configure a list of users and/or groups that are allowed to use HPSMH.

There are actually three lists, one for each privilege level: Administrators (full root-equivalent access), Operators (only some basic operations allowed) and Monitors (view only), if I recall correctly.

I think the hpsmh group is intended for running the daemons and other processes that make up the HPSMH: you should not add human users to it.

One more task to the "things to do after system installation before the real root password is sealed in a safe" list, I guess...

Steven E. Protter
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Re: SMH Login Issues


There is probably a concept taken from the sam days of "restricted" user. You should be able to grant limited privileges to to those users.

But root must be the big kahuna there, unless you are using etrust or some other package to prevent root login.

Steven E Protter
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Acxiom Unix Team
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Re: SMH Login Issues


Will update with points for you, but what happens if the root user shows exactly the same traits.

I put in the correct details which i know work, but it just returns back the login page, time after time.

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Hakki Aydin Ucar
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Re: SMH Login Issues


I got the similar problem in my lab server; similar not exact because of my version: 11iv1

Solution was restart smh;

hpmh autostart

but it did not work some time and neede to reboot server,
Recently, 11iv1 is not supported for SMH I've given up.
You can check /opt/hpsmh/lbin/envvars config file maybe something you can find out ..

Good luck