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SMH error

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SMH error

could anybody explain me what the SMH cannot run or showed in my server while others hp-ux 11.31 versions runs successfully.

could you please help me to resolve this issue.

cpcdp1:root > sam
System Administration Manager (SAM) is deprecated in this release of HP-UX.
System Management Homepage (SMH) is the new tool introduced to manage HP-UX.
You are recommended to use /usr/sbin/smh.

Looking for a usable running browser...
/usr/contrib/bin/X11/xlsclients: unable to open display ""
ERROR: Unable to open display ""
Please paste the URL "" into a browser window.

Regards LCJC
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Re: SMH error

What happens if you paste the URL in a browser window? Does it work or not?

Hope this helps!

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Mel Burslan
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Re: SMH error

I am under the impression that you are connected to this cpcdp1 server using a windows machine. Right ? Or Linux maybe ?

Well, your DISPLAY environment variable is being set at the login time as some value as in, which is not the host name of your windows or linux machine. So, the quickest fix is to determine what your local IP address is, let's assume it is, then run this command on your shell prompt

export DISPLAY=

in case you are running, godforbid, csh, then run this command:

setenv DISPLAY

then run the smh application. If you are on a windows machine, you need to be running some sort of x-emulator like reflectionX or if your workstation is Linux, go to a command window and run command

xhost +

to allow incoming x-connections.

This should solve your problem
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