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SNMP Community configuration - snmpd in hpux

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SNMP Community configuration - snmpd in hpux



I am having some general queries regarding snmpd process in hpux.


  • What is the default community name configure in  snmpd?
  • I didn't configure any community name in snmp.conf file, but I am getting snmpget response from snmpd for snmpget request with community name "sendtrap". I don't know how its respond to community name "sendtrap"?
  • Is there is any option to log the snmp requests handle by snmpd process?

Please help me, if any of you have more information about it.




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Re: SNMP Community configuration - snmpd in hpux

According to "man snmpd.conf", if a community name is not defined, the agent won't answer to SNMP GET requests at all.


But the factory-default copy of the configuration file (located in /usr/newconfig/etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf) indicates the default community is "public".


snmp.conf is not a standard HP-UX SNMP agent configuration file, did you mean /etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf? And the process name of the standard HP-UX SNMP master agent is "snmpdm", not "snmpd".


The "snmpd" process would be expected only if the standard HP-UX OpenView SNMP agent has been replaced with the open-source Net-SNMP snmpd. In that case, any default settings would be determined by whoever has compiled the Net-SNMP package. There are several possible pre-packaged Net-SNMP versions for HP-UX. So I would have to ask: "Where did you get your snmpd from?" before I could answer your questions about it.


But if you are using the standard HP-UX SNMP agent, run "man snmpdm" on your system. The man page lists many options you can use for increased logging.


In the standard HP-UX SNMP agent, the trap community name does not seem to be configurable, so I guess "sendtrap" is the hardcoded trap community name. Are you sure you are receiving responses and not authentication traps telling you "a request came in with an incorrect community name"?

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Re: SNMP Community configuration - snmpd in hpux

Hi MK,


Thanks for your details information.


In our hp server, we are using HP Openview SNMP Agent only. In the snmpd.conf file, it is given as "EMANATE SNMP Agent included with HP OpenView Network Node Manager".


To configure trap destination, we are using snmpd.conf file in /etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf.

In man page of snmpdm also, /etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf is specified as configuration file of SNMP Master agent.


After configuring trap destination, below binaries in /sbin/init.d path are stop and start.


>./snmpHpunix stop

>./SnmpMib2 stop

>./SnmpMaster stop


and started.


But the thing unknown to me is without configuring SNMP Community as "sendtrap". how I am getting repsonse to snmp request.


nobel 1: snmpget -v 1 -c "sendtrap" localhost sysUpTime.0
SNMPv2-MIB::sysUpTime.0 = Timeticks: (5519190) 15:19:51.90

But one more thing is, traps generated by Event monitoring service (EMS) in hpux are using community name "sendtrap".

I don't have any information about, how EMS trap uses sendtrap as community name.


Please help if you know any information.