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SNMP Setting On DL380,360 G5 with OS RHEL 4

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SNMP Setting On DL380,360 G5 with OS RHEL 4

Dear All,
I am new to Lunix and HP server.

I had a couple of DL380,360 with RHEL 4 on it.
I had installed SmartStart on the machines, but I got lost on how to configure the machines so that they can send snmp traps (hardware related, e.g. Power Supply) to a snmp server. I had search through some manuals provided here, but nothing seems to be working for me.
And when i tried to install HPSIM, I failed to do so as i cannot initdb(not using oracle) for HPSMDB (using root),any one got clues about that?
Last question, about database for HPSIM, can multi HPSIM using the same DB?