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SNMPDM Log mask default?

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SNMPDM Log mask default?



We're trying to determine what our logging "level" is for snmpdm.  All the snmpdm processes were started just as:  /usr/sbin/snmpdm. What is the default for the logging level if nothing was specified at atartup?


  I see in the man page these options are available:


 Turn off logging                 0                 0x00000000      LOGGING_OFF
      Log factory trace messages       8388608           0x00800000      FACTORY_TRACE
      Log factory warning messages     268435456         0x10000000      FACTORY_WARN
      Log factory error messages       536870912         0x20000000      FACTORY_ERROR
      Log factory configure messages   65536             0x00010000      FACTORY_CONFIG
      Log factory packet messages      131072            0x00020000      FACTORY_PACKET
      Log factory trap messages        262144            0x00040000      FACTORY_TRAP
      Log factory access messages      524288            0x00080000      FACTORY_ACCESS
      Log factory emanate messages     1048576           0x00100000      FACTORY_EMANATE
      Log factory verbose messages     2097152           0x00200000      FACTORY_VERBOSE
      Log factory user messages        4194304           0x00400000      FACTORY_USER
      Log factory thread messages      1073741824        0x40000000      FACTORY_THREAD
      Log factory timer messages       2147483648        0x80000000      FACTORY_TIMER


Thanks in advance for any information available.

Heidi E. Lutz