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STM: How to remove a superfluous disk?

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Matthias Schündehütte
Occasional Advisor

STM: How to remove a superfluous disk?

Hello, I temporarily installed an additional disk on an HP-UX 11i v1 HP9000 server for re-formatting the disk. Everything ran without problems and after successfully finnishing that task, I removed this disk from the server. My problem is, that STM (Support Tools Manager) still reports disk failures on this now non-existing disk and I find no 'delete'-command...:-( How should/can I resolve this? Greetings - Matthias
Honored Contributor

Re: STM: How to remove a superfluous disk?

Hi Matthias:


User /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig utility.


The monconfig utility can be used to List, Add, Modify, or Delete  monitor requests.  The utility will also allow the user to enable or  disable monitor requests.  A superuser can run monconfig at any time  to configure monitor requests.



Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: STM: How to remove a superfluous disk?

Two other things you  may need to do:


1) Remove the disk from the system via the 'rmsf' command.


2) Modify EMS so that it no longer sees the disk.  To do this:


Stop EMS monitoring (run /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig then choose 'K' )

If the 'psmctd' process is still running, stop diagnostics (/sbin/init.d/diagnostic stop)

mv /var/stm/data/psm_data /tmp/psm_data

If diagnostics were stopped, restart them (/sbin/init.d/diagnostic start)

Start EMS (run /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig then choose 'E')

Matthias Schündehütte
Occasional Advisor

Re: STM: How to remove a superfluous disk?

Thank you both very much!


'rmsf' was the command I was searching for and which did the trick. Thank you also for the additional diagnostics housekeeping tasks, of course I would have forgotten them. :-)


Currently I'm waiting for the remapping process of the 'stm', but I'm looking forward to see a new accurate map being generated.


Thanks a lot again - Matthias