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SUDO question

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Waqar Razi
Regular Advisor

SUDO question

I am setting up some users with sudo access to startup and shutdown an application as oracle user. I am taking the following scripts:

1- I created a user alias APP_ADMIN in the sudoers file using visudo:

User_Alias APP_ADMIN = user1, user2

2- I created command alias in the sudoers file as follows:

Cmnd_Alias APP = /pathtoscript/, /pathtoscript/

3- Now I have given the user group APP_ADMIN permission to run the startup and shutdown scripts using visudo as follows:

APP_ADMIN localhost=(oracle) NOPASSWD:APP

4- Now when user1 logs in and issue the startup or shutdown script, he gets the following error:

$ sudo -u oracle /pathtoscript/
user1 is not allowed to run sudo on server_01. This incident will be reported.

Any one can please help me out if I am missing some thing here. Or some other way to do this thing. The main idea is to give users access just to start and stop the application as oracle without giving them other rights and priviledges as oracle user.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: SUDO question

You have "localhost" specified as the server, but "server_01" shows up when you run sudo. You need to specify that name in your APP_ADMIN definition.

APP_ADMIN server_01=(oracle) NOPASSWD:APP

You could also create a HOST_ALIAS entry with localhost and server_01 as entries.

Something like:

Host_Alias THISHOST=localhost,server_01

Then use THISHOST in you APP_ADMIN definition.

Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: SUDO question

@Patrick... what would be wrong with using ALL instead of HOST or localhost ?

it would make this config portable, would it not ?

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: SUDO question

ALL would work, and yes it would make this portable. BUT you might not want user1 to have that access on ALL servers.

I prefer setting host security explicitly for each host. If you do that there is less of a chance of someone getting access they don't really need or aren't entitiled to.