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Samba Config problem in RHEL-5

Nagu SR
Frequent Advisor

Samba Config problem in RHEL-5

I have installed Samba 3.0.33-3.14.el5 version in RHEL-5 server.
The procedure I used to configure samba is as below

--Installed RPMS samba*, krb5*,
--Edited smb.conf file (attched my smb config file)
-- Ensured proper settings in /etc/nsswitch.conf
-- removed /etc/krb5.conf
-- started winbind and smb service
-- removed /etc/samba/secrets.tdb
-- Successfully Added server to AD by issuing command net ads join -U Administrator
-- Restarted samba and winbind service
-- Confirmed domain user and group information by `wbinfo -u` and `wbinfo -d`

I face below problem after configuration. I have shared /appl DIR. I want every user in the domain to get the read access for the DIR. But when I browse my server through windows system, it asks me a username and passwd. I dont want server to prompt any authentication when I browse.

Is it possible to achieve in RHEL-5? If so can anyone please guide me?

Nagu SR
Frequent Advisor

Re: Samba Config problem in RHEL-5

I Was not able to attach a file.

Here is the contents of smb.conf file

unix charset = LOCALE
workgroup = srn
realm =
server string = Samba 3.0.33
security = ADS
netbios name = applserver
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
log level = 1
syslog = 0
log file = /var/log/samba/%m
max log size = 50
printcap name = CUPS
ldap ssl = no
idmap uid = 5000-25000
idmap gid = 5000-25000
template primary group = "SRN"
template shell = /bin/bash
winbind separator = +
printing = cups

comment = appl folder
path = /appl
public = yes
writable = no
admin users = administrator,"Domain Admins"
write list = "srn+nssrn_adm","srn+nsvil"
read list = "Domain Users","srn+Domain Users"
valid users = "srn+Domain Users"
force user = proact
force group = proact
create mask = 0754
John Guster
Trusted Contributor

Re: Samba Config problem in RHEL-5

ADS as security, Kerberos needs be configured.