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Same Local user and LDAP user conflict in RHEL 6.4


Same Local user and LDAP user conflict in RHEL 6.4

Hi All,


There is one RHEL 6.4 server called "serverA". It is integrated with LDAP. There is one user "abc" created locally on /etc/passwd o the server "serverA". but unfortunately the same user "abc" is created on LDAP too for some other purpose. But the thing is both local and LDAP is pointing to different shell. 


Shell as per /etc/passwd ==> bash


shell as per LDAP ==> ksh



/etc/nsswitch.conf file output on "serverA":



passwd: files ldap
shadow: files ldap
group: files ldap





Generally if we log in to a server it will first check on /etc/passwd for the avaiable user IDs. if it is availble, it will take all the configuration such as shell, home directory from /etc/passwd and log in. If not it will check LDAP and will use LDAP properties.



But here, when issue the command "id" is showing properties as per LDAP not local. "/etc/passwd"  and after logging in to the user "abc" on "serverA". If I issue "echo $SHELL". it is showing the shell configured on LDAP not local "/etc/passwd".



Could any one please help me to resolve the issue.



Thanks a lot in advance.