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San manager

Dave Cast
Frequent Advisor

San manager

Hello all -



I have a running system at 11.31 - and I see a memory entry as follows:


# ps -ef|grep -i san
    root  3295  2680  0 16:11:12 ?         0:04 /opt/sanmgr/jre/bin/IA64N/java -Xms20m -Xmx120m
    root  3642     1  0 16:23:33 ?         0:10 /opt/sanmgr/jre/bin/IA64N/java -DHAGT=1 -cp classes/jcore.jar:classes/hostagent.jar:../cssi/Log
    root  4245 29190  1 16:42:37 pts/0     0:00 grep -i san


This machine does have an external disk enclosure - but is not connected to a SAN - can someone please tell me the daemon responsible for starting this?  I've looke high and low: /etc/rc.config.d /etc/inittab /sbin/init.d -



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Patrick Wallek
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Re: San manager

These are part of the Commandview product, which included hostagent, hostwatchdog and opendial (all are in /sbin/init.d and have config scripts in /etc/rc.config.d).


This process:


/opt/sanmgr/jre/bin/IA64N/java -DHAGT=1


is controlled by the 'hostagent' script.  You can stop it by running '/sbin/init.d/hostagent stop'.  


The other process '/opt/sanmgr/jre/bin/IA64N/java -Xms20m' has a parent which is probably hpSMISCIMOM.  Stopping hostagent, hostwatchdog and opendial do not stop this process.  The hpSMISCIMOM process is set up in /etc/inittab so if it is killed it will respawn automatically and thus restart the 'java -Xms20m' process.  If you want this process stopped, the /etc/inittab must be modified to comment out the hpSMISCIMOM line and then 'init q' must be run to reread the inittab file.


When the system starts the hostwatchdog starts first, followed by opendial and then hostagent.  When starting these processes in order.