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Sar not working...!!

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Sar not working...!!

While executing sar, i'm getting the following error....

#sar -d
sar: Can't open /var/adm/sa/sa05

I checked and found that the file sa05 doen not exist, even i tried to do a touch and again tried to execute, but no result...Kindly help me out on this...!!
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Sar not working...!!

Have you tried reading the man page?

"In the second form, with no sampling interval specified, sar extracts data from a previously recorded file, either the one specified by -f option or, by default, the standard system ctivity daily data file /var/adm/sa/sadd for the current day dd."

it's looking for the sa05 file because today is 05 March. You would create the file by running sar with the -o option:

"If the -o option is specified, it saves the samples in file in binary format."

The man pages are your friend!