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Saving Sam's list

Anyone know how to save the contents of SAM into a file? For ex. when you go into disks and filesystems> logical volumes (there are say 50 of them , you wont be able to see them all in a single screen. how do i get all this list into a file or a single snaphot in the format that is shown in SAM?


Gokul Chandola
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Re: Saving Sam's list

Run the following command.
#script /tmp/temp2.txt

then you run command, you will get all in this file when you will ..


Check file /tmp/temp2.txt, everything you will find in this file.

Try this may be you will get solution.

Gokul Chandola
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Mel Burslan
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Re: Saving Sam's list

script is a solution all right but with formatted outputs like that of SAM, it is a bit of a hassle to get *usable* text out of it.

better way to do this is:

after you list the contents of your disks and what not, go to options menu and select View SAM Log. In this list, the lines starting with * or ---- are informational lines. Commands start with / followed by a path to the command running. Look at the last few commands and figure out which one is giving you the output you are looking at. As a root user, execute this command and redirect the output to a file. Now you have a clean (formatting free) version of the SAM output in the file you redirected the output to.

Hope this helps
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Re: Saving Sam's list

If you're only after a listing of PVs or Disks in SAM, then you don't even need SAM for that. The following will list all disks seen:

---cut here---
cat <
Disk Summary for `hostname`
version 1.0

HP-UX Disk Device Vendor Type Size(Kb)
ioscan -kfnC disk|awk 'NR>2 {print $NF}'|grep -iv SUBSYSTEM|grep rdsk|while read
diskinfo $disk>/tmp/diskinfo.$$ 2>/dev/null
[ $? -eq 1 ] && continue
vendor=`cat /tmp/diskinfo.$$|grep vendor:|awk -F: '{print $NF}'`
type=`cat /tmp/diskinfo.$$|grep id:|awk -F: '{print $NF}'`
size=`cat /tmp/diskinfo.$$|grep size:|awk '{print $2}'`
[ $size -eq 0 ] && continue
printf "%-22s %-12s %-20s %9d\n" $disk "$vendor" "$type" $size
[ -f /tmp/diskinfo.$$ ] && rm /tmp/diskinfo.$$

--end cut--

Hakuna Matata.
Ganesan R
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Re: Saving Sam's list

Hi MSwift,

Yes. There is a option. Once you get into the desired section of SAM goto File -> Print -> selcet as File ->give the filename to save(Ex:/tmp/lvnames.txt

Content will be saved in the above file. You can view all the lvnames
Best wishes,