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Screen Saver & Screen Lock in CDE not works

Keynes Lee
Regular Advisor

Screen Saver & Screen Lock in CDE not works

1. vi   /etc/dt/config/C/sys.resources


    dtsession*extension.saverTimeout: 1
    dtsession*extension.lockTimeout: 1


2. Delete $HOME/.dt directories


3. Use Reflection X to login  and wait 1 minute

    Nothing happened.


4. more  $HOME/.dt/errorlog


dtsession: Screen lock when the screen saver is turned on is not available on th
is server. Your screen will not be locked when the screen saver is turned on.

Workspace Manager: I/O error on display::

Honored Contributor

Re: Screen Saver & Screen Lock in CDE not works

The Reflection/X runs on Windows environment, which already has its own screen saver/screen lock functions.


Thus, Reflection/X does not have complete control of the screen and keyboard, but must share them with Windows. This means the user could always override the lock by manipulating Reflection/X locally. So it might be a design choice that the Reflection/X reports to the remote X applications that it has no screen saver and/or screen lock capability, since such a lock would not be reliable anyway.


(Remember that an X session is more of a collection of applications that each communicate separately with the X server. A typical screen locker implementation just tells the X server to "grab" the keyboard and mouse focus so that other X applications won't receive it until the locker program receives the correct input to unlock the screen. Some X servers have a way to forcefully remove any existing "grabs". On Unix hosts, such removal would typically require root privileges. But Reflection/X is an X server that is completely under the control of the Windows user that started it, so it would make the screen lock rather meaningless.)