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Secure path in HP UX

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Secure path in HP UX


Can anyone explains me the concept of Secure path in hp ux and how it is being implemented.

Thanks in advance and points will be given with no delay .:)
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Re: Secure path in HP UX

HP-UX itself see always all pathes to a LUN in an array. Up to 11.23 it works with PVLINKS by default, no real multipathing, but a "standby" path.
Now with autopath/securepath there is a new layer and a virtual device file. Depending on the array (A/A or A/P) this device files allow real multipathing (balancing) or ensures the access to the active controller only.

This is basically what happens.

Hope this helps!

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sujit kumar singh
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Re: Secure path in HP UX


this is a software depending upon the Storage type that ypou have that is as said by torsten, and provides the features of Dynamic multipathing for the LUNS as well as Load balancing.

type of AA array : EVA4k,EVA6k,EVA8k
commnad is autopath
AP arrays:EVA3K EVA5K: command is spmgr

if your host is HP_UX

but in 11.31 the Multipahing and DYnamic load balancing is a feature of the OS itself that works with teh AA arrays.


Kranti Mahmud
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Re: Secure path in HP UX

Hi UnixT,

Check the below link:

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