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Securebe Path

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Securebe Path

Dear All
I changed one of my pathes by "rmsf -H "
and create it by "mksf -H" [HP-UX 11.23]but when i installed secure path it still detect the Old path that is created by insf.
I need to change that Address to mine[created by me] but i dont know how i can do this???????
Because of that my cluster is rebooting periodically because of DISKTIMEOUT!!!!!!!

Re: Securebe Path

Hi COWBOY --> you can only remove device files associated with the path and NOT the path itself

rmsf can be used to 'R'e'M'ove 'S'pecial 'F'iles ASSOCIATED with a path and not the HARDWARE path

Plan of action
1-- check if the DEVICE FILE is valid # ioscan
2--if it not then add new "cXtXdX" lock disk to the cluster file ( cmcheckconf, cmapplyconf )
3--if it is valid then address the disktimeout issue from SAN perspective

if its a device file change
1) you can stick to old lock device files ( messy )
2 ) edit the ascii file to see the new lock disk

if you "WANT" to stick to the old device file

and if device special files( cXtXdX ) has changed you have to do more than an RMSF to change it, there is a tool from HP that can be used to edit the "IOCONFIG" BINARY file!!

the BEST WAY out of this is to edit your cluster ascii file to see the new lock disk!!

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Securebe Path


Reconfigure your cluster to use a valid path.
insf -C disk will detect new disk paths.

rmsf and no other changes doesn't accomplish anything. You need a new, reliable lock disk.

Steven E Protter
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