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Serial Mux on hp-ux 11.31

Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

Serial Mux on hp-ux 11.31

Hi everyone,


I have a new rx7640 with a 8 port serial mux on it running HP-UX 11.31.


The serial port setup that was in sam at HP-UX 11.11 is no longer available at HP-UX 11.31. Does any one know how to setup the serial ports on 11.31? I need to add serveral modems to this server.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Honored Contributor

Re: Serial Mux on hp-ux 11.31

Hello Tim,


I am sorry to bring you bad news. SUch menu does not exist in SMH.


THis is from the documentation:


In HP-UX 11i v3 the Service Administration Manager (SAM) has been superseded by the System

Management Homepage (SMH). Some capabilities, like modem configuration have not been ported at the

time of this article from SAM to SMH. So it is required to manually set-up the connections dsf and

configuration files.


For example, this is an HP-UX 11i v3 ioscan output before creating the special device files for the modems.


# ioscan -fnkC tty

Class     I  H/W Path  Driver S/W State   H/W Type     Description


tty       0  0/0/1/0   asio0   CLAIMED     INTERFACE    PCI SimpleComm (103c1290)

                      /dev/diag/mux0  /dev/mux0       /dev/tty0p0

tty       1  0/0/1/1   asio0   CLAIMED     INTERFACE    PCI Serial (103c1048)

                      /dev/GSPdiag1   /dev/mux1       /dev/tty1p2

                      /dev/diag/mux1  /dev/tty1p0     /dev/tty1p4 


Dial-out modem:


# /usr/sbin/mksf -d asio0 -H 0/0/1/0 -a1 -v

        making cul0p0 c 1 0x000001


Dial-in modem:


# /usr/sbin/mksf -d asio0 -H 0/0/1/0 -a2 -v

        making ttyd0p0 c 1 0x000002


For a debuging direct connection to the modem:


# /usr/sbin/mksf -d asio0 -H 0/0/1/0 -a0 -v

        making tty0p0 c 1 0x000000


I hope it helps a bit.



VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic