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Server Hangs

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Server Hangs

Hi All


One of our  HP-UX 11.11 system was hung and was not able to ping so i hard booted the server through console

Server came up.There were nothing in  /var/adm/crash

After 4 hours same issue occurs this time i done TOC thorugh console yet there were nothing created in /car/adm/crash

but there was /var/tomstone/ts99 file from which HP came to know its system board issue


What my quetion is did that TOC created /var/tombstone/ts99 file?


Did TOC creates /var/tombstone/ts99 dump?


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Re: Server Hangs

You dont mention the system model, but normally when a TOC (or TC command from the MP/GSP) is issued, a crash is saved to /var/adm/crash.  However, this behavior is modifiable, so check the following files to determine your "save crash" config:  /etc/rc.config.d/savecrash /etc/rc.config.d/crashconf


What possibly happened is when you tried to issue a TOC, the system was not able to respond properly and it reacted by initiating the HPMC routine to "properly" crash the system.



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