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Service Gaurd and RAC 9i


Service Gaurd and RAC 9i

Hi there,

I have inherited a 5 node cluster server which is up and running but the configuration looks bit messy.

- there is no RAC/oracle package in the service gaurd
- there are more than one DG but only one "SG-CFS-DG-1" in the package list
-all volumes from all the DGs are listed in the "cmviewcl -v" but there is no "SG-CFS-MP-1" package in the cluster.

i am wondering if there is no mount point package, then MCSG shudn't be m,onitoring the mount points?

pls see the attached and suggest if anything need to be changed.

Many Thanks for all ur suggestions and help...!!

lem know if any other data is required.