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Service Guard

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Service Guard

I am new to cluster enviornment,while configuring cluster we will mention the cluster lock vg,pv what this meant by..and what is hertbeat ip?
Thanks in advance......
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Re: Service Guard

Have a read through the ServiceGuard docs:

In particular:

Managing Serviceguard Fifteenth Edition, reprinted May 2008

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Re: Service Guard

Considering Two node cluster environment. One liner I would say:

Heartbeat IP: This is the lan which is used to check the health of the other node. Default is 1 second.

Lock PV/VG: If there is some problem in heartbeat communication then to maintain the data consistency Lock PV/VG is used. The node which occupies the lock PV/VG first will reform the cluster after nodetimeout and other node will TOC.

For more details on the same and about cluster environments, please refer the link mentioned above.
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Re: Service Guard

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