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Serviceguard or oracle issue

Adam Noble
Super Advisor

Serviceguard or oracle issue

Hi all,

We have a two node SG cluster running 11.23 Itanium. We have a package basically running an oracle Database which is 10G. We have a strange problem. My hostfile looks similar to below:-


In the listner.ora file if I set the address to be noddy1 everything works fine. The windows webserver connects without a problem and all is great. If I set it to the IP address 105 as above it fails. Id I set it to the package hostname or IP it fails. I have tested connectivity from other hosts connecting to both IP's above on the 1521 port. I'm wondering if there is some form of check based on the hostname of the machine?

Anyone seen this before?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Serviceguard or oracle issue


Few things to understand here.

1) Your serviceguard package needs to define a floating IP address that will work on both nodes of the cluster. I'm not sure that has been done yet.

2) Lets say noddy1-pkg is the floating IP address needed in item 1. While the cluster package is operating on either node, outside users will connect to this IP address. This is however in fact a virtual IP address, essentially a slave to the actual primary IP address of the system.

3) Looking at network traffic will show that there is some activity on the primary IP address.

listener.ora should on each node of the cluster based on your data be set to the actual primary IP address of the system. That means you will have to have different listenr.ora files on each node of the cluster for the reasons stated above.

What Oracle is doing is being aware of the actual primary network ip address. It is possible your cluster package is misconfigured, or it may just be Oracle is being a little too smart for its own good.

Check /etc/nsswich.conf to see if your DNS resolution is going to files first. If not, you could be having DNS name resolution and the records on the outside DNS server are not appropriate to support your cluster.

I've given you a good start here and if you investigate carefully you should find an answer.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Serviceguard or oracle issue


what is the exact nameof the Oracle package and try resolving the IP address of the package IP as well as the node IP as set and see that the resolution for the name to the IP address and vice versa both are working.

#nslookup noddy
#nslookup noddy1-pkg


Also try to note that the hostname for the package that u r using is more than 8 characters.


Adam Noble
Super Advisor

Re: Serviceguard or oracle issue

Hi Steven,

Yes the serviceguard package has been setup to run on both nodes within the cluster. It has a floating IP of noddy1-pkg (not really obviously). The point is it will obviously still run using the hostname on the primary node but clearly would not run on the 2nd node.

Listener.ora surely should not have to have 2 seperate files on both hosts that would be difficult as the file resides on a shared volume that moves with the package!!!!

/etc/nsswitch.conf is not setup we are simply using the hostfile to resolve.