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Set expiry of a user as "no expiry"

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Set expiry of a user as "no expiry"



Can anyone please let me know how to set the expiry for a user  as "No Expiry"?


 /usr/lbin/getprpw eeevs01
uid=20856, bootpw=NO, audid=68, audflg=1, mintm=1, maxpwln=-1, exptm=400, lftm=400, spwchg=Mon Dec  5 00:02:58 2011, upwchg=Fri Apr  4 12:07:56 2008, acctexp=-1, llog=-1, expwarn=7, usrpick=DFT, syspnpw=DFT, rstrpw=DFT, nullpw=DFT, admnum=-1, syschpw=DFT, sysltpw=DFT, timeod=-1, slogint=Tue Dec 13 17:30:07 2011, ulogint=Tue Dec 13 08:28:55 2011, sloginy=pts/ta, culogin=0, uloginy=pts/ta, umaxlntr=-1, alock=NO, lockout=0000000



Please reply.


Re: Set expiry of a user as "no expiry"

Are you talking about the account or password?

From modprpw(1m) for the password:

modprpw -m mintm=0,exptm=0,lftm=0,expwarn=0


If you are only talking about the account, you need "acctexp=0".


Now it is -1, which takes the default from /tcb/files/auth/system/default.