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Setting SHLIB_PATH Env.


Setting SHLIB_PATH Env.

I am finding it extremely difficult to set the SHLIB_PATH environment variable in the system for my SAP System copy procedure.

I need to set /sapmnt/BQ1/exe as my SHLIB_PATH as my SAP DB copy requires this. It was giving this following error.
"ERROR 2009-05-26 19:49:21
MUT-02044 The following paths expected but not found in the library path environment variable (SHLIB_PATH) /sapmnt/BQ1/exe/."

Even after I set this I have the same error repeating itself.

My strong feeling is I am missing something here. But dont know what. My exposure to UNIX systems is limited

Please provide some suggestion as to how I go about correcting it.

So I tried setting this environment variable by
# export SHLIB_PATH=/sapmnt/BQ1/exe
# echo $SHLIB_PATH
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Re: Setting SHLIB_PATH Env.


is /sapmnt/BQ1/exe an NFS automount directory ?
can you see your libraries in this directory ?

Cedrick Gaillard
Best regards, Cedrick Gaillard
Mel Burslan
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Re: Setting SHLIB_PATH Env.

would the SAP DB copy process is a script which may not inherit your shell variables ?

SAP guys on UNIX OS variants are, inexplicably, are enamored with the C-shell and variable assignments do not work the same way in c-shell as they do in POSIX.

Without knowing the details of the SAP DB copy process it is not quite possible to give you an answer correctly.
UNIX because I majored in cryptology...
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Re: Setting SHLIB_PATH Env.

is the db copy procedure a script? if so, did you check to see that it's not unsetting / reseting SHLIB_PATH inside somewhere?
James R. Ferguson
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Re: Setting SHLIB_PATH Env.


You don't say exactly what you are doing. If after setting SHLIB_PATH you 'su' to another user as with 'su sapuser -c ..." then the 'SU_KEEP_ENV_VARS' setting of your '/etc/default/security' file needs to be examined. By default, 'su' does not export the environment variables HOME, ENV, IFS, SHLIB_PATH or LD_*.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: Setting SHLIB_PATH Env.


SHLIB_PATH is not sufficient.

It needs to include other standard libraries that your compiler needs.

This should be available from the SAP and back end database documentation.

Steven E Protter
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