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Setting up an npar with 2 vpars

Derek Brown
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Setting up an npar with 2 vpars



I've been given a sizeable job to do.  I've never worked on HP for 3 years  (been doing Linux of late) and even when I was working on HP I hadn't done this particular job so I'm hoping someone can provide a quick cheat sheet for me if I provide the spec. of the work.


The server is a big beast;  its an HP RX8640 (Integrity/Itanium)  with 32 CPU's and 192GB RAM.


My job is to set it up where the whole physical box is considered as a single npar ;  then I have to create 2 vpars within it , chopped up like this :


vpar A = 24 CPUs and 144Gb RAM

vpar B =   8 CPUs and 48 Gb  RAM


So I think the two tasks are  :

(A)  Setting up an npar

(B)  Setting up the vpars


This is a rebuild after apparently loads of problem with performance after the granularity was allowed to use default values.  Apparently we should have used "memory size divided by 50" for the granularity.  If someone can clarify on this point also I would be most grateful.   I'm assuming the memory size relates to that of each vpar rather than the whole npar ?


Any help on this whole topic would be great but a cheat sheet set of commands would be great.  Thanks v much.



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Re: Setting up an npar with 2 vpars

All you need is inside the vPars admin guide.


If all the cell not already are part of the nPar, use the parmgr to add them and do a reconfig reboot.


Now define your vPars, set the minimum and maximum cpu count (I would go with at least +/- 2), add the I/O (spread across the I/O bays) and set the boot pathes. Finally set the autofile to boot /stand/vpmon instaed of /stand/vmunix and reboot.


The nPar boot disk is usually used for the first vPar, now you need to install the second vPar OS (from DVD, ignite).

Hope this helps!

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Derek Brown
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Re: Setting up an npar with 2 vpars

Does the granularity get set at both npar level and vpar label ? and if so how is this achieved ?