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Sharing a DAT drive to a VM

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Sharing a DAT drive to a VM

Please tell me how do I share a DAT drive connect to a host a VM configured on that host.

And what interface does a DAT drive can have SCSI/USB ???

Can i connect a DAT drive to a blade Server 860c
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Re: Sharing a DAT drive to a VM

you need to create passthrough devices first:
#'hpvmdevmgmt -I' on the VM Host

like this for example:
hpvmmodify -P vm_guest_name -a tape:avio_stor::attach_path:4/0/14/0/0/0/0/4/0/0/0.0x100000e00223c55e.0x0

The attach_path argument will be your lunpath hardware path to the tape device.

Then just try running ioscan on the VM guest to see the new tape device.

If you want to share the tape to multiple VM's, you should set the attribute SHARE=YES on those DSF's for the corresponding tape. This is done by 'hpvmdevmgmt' command.
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Re: Sharing a DAT drive to a VM

USB devices are not supported, you should use a tape blade.

Hope this helps!

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